There is a deep rooted desire to be loved but many cut themselves off from love with the expectation that everyone they meet will love them in the same way. The issue is not the expectation but the dwelling upon the not being loved as they give love that brings in more of what they do not prefer. 

You are supposed to have expectations but with those expectations should be a knowing that there is not any other viable option than the one you are expecting. When you express love with the pure expectation, and no substitution of, that you will be loved as you are love then everything and anything expressing outside of that falls away from the experience you are creating for yourself. 

If it’s romantic love you crave then don’t get caught up in your loneliness because as soon as you sit in the energy of lonely you experience more of that. 

Rejection and hurt leaves anyone feeling unfulfilled and disillusioned with how we expect relationships to play out. But what I want you to really grasp here is you do not have to accept being unfulfilled and disillusioned as true for you. 

When you do not accept these entities as true for you they do not guide your actions nor weigh upon decisions you make. When you feel unfulfilled you will do more in an attempt to not feel that way and draw to you a repeatable experience where unfulfilled is the headline. 


Because unfulfilled is the reason for your actions and not the sheer joy of engaging with whatever you have chosen to do. And blaming yourself, or others, is also not the way to go. Simply release the entity from your creation (which is life). Don’t give it any attention nor make any moves around it.

Go about your life’s business fulfilled because YOU get to say what memories stay and which memories go. 

Is what I am saying to you!

1.You’ll Be Large & In Charge 

 – you will be empowered to make choices that truly make sense for who you are – meaning you will be living your authentic life. You will no longer be caught up with people pleasing, instead you will live a life that brings you satisfaction. 

2.You Set Boundaries & Stick To Them 

Once you begin honoring your needs you start to feel more confident, which means you are more assertive. You start to see who is wasting your time and you’re strong enough to move forward without them. More to the point, you are strong enough to set clear boundaries with people and stick to them. 

3.The Approval Seeking Will Stop 

you stop worrying about what everyone else thinks about you – which means you’re a less defensive person and more confident about living a life that is authentic for you. 

4.You Will Be A Conscious Decision Maker 

you have the courage to cut things from your life that don’t truly bring you joy or provide you with ample space to grow. It’s easy to make courageous decisions when you value yourself and actively make choices that are intended to honor you, rather than risk harming you. 


Love yourself. When you stop giving your power away you will naturally feel happier and happy people attract happy people 😃

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