People are often suggesting that we stay positive or look on the bright side, especially when things aren’t going very well. 

You and I know this sounds good but when the ball gets rolling and the current situation is dripping with low vibe sh%$ it is almost impossible to maintain a positive disposition. 

This is what happens, 
when you begin experiencing a situation that is rooted in emotions that are not equivalent to joy and happiness, as that ball rolls it pick up speed plowing through everything and everyone with force and precision. 

At least until it loses momentum. 

It is impossible to stop a moving train without a forceful impact and the same holds true once the momentum builds around your emotions. 

You can ride through the sky on “high vibe” Airlines, catching clear space as you soar or you can push through the valley like an avalanche on the Frustration Express but be sure to understand that you will be met with more of the energy that you are currently expressing. 

How do you stop it from ever happening again?

You cannot. 

We are all here experiencing everything that we prefer and everything that we do not prefer so that we are able to be more specific about our goals.

You’re human and here to experience all of the benefits of being in form but what you can be aware of is the moment your mood changes from jovial to indifferent. Because you can absolutely check that train before it leaves the tracks. 

🚂Practice Practice Practice🚂

Be Grateful

An old Jewish saying recommends that we “bless one thousand things every day,” here “bless” being read “be grateful for.”
This little mantra reminds you to look for things in your day to be grateful for.

Whether you’re religious or not, acknowledging the things that you are grateful for every day can help to hardwire your brain to notice the positive things more quickly.

Be Aware Of Your Negative Thoughts

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention. You should pay more attention to what fills your ears because that has lasting impressions upon your thoughts which create your reality. 

Mindful breathing is often used to control stress, but mindful thinking can lead to a more positive life. Your thoughts should NEVER be taken for granted because once you add emotion to your thoughts and your imagination you either start up the train or prepare the plane for takeoff.

Dr. Joffrey Suprina, of the Huffington post, explained that when we pay more attention to what thoughts we’re actually having throughout the day it can be easier to shake off the negative thoughts and focus on the positive. 

Introduce Positive Thoughts

The staff at The Mayo Clinic point out that just like our thoughts can upset us when we don’t notice them, we also purposely introduce thoughts that make ourselves feel better.

Trying to replace negative thoughts from our subconscious with positive thoughts from our conscious mind can be a very valuable tool.

Ignoring the negative isn’t thinking positive.

Thinking positive is about reaching for the highest available vibration until you are occupying the one that allows you to fly. 

Negative People

You attract what you are but sometimes you may find yourselves experiencing those who are more negative than positive. Writing for Psychology Today, Dr. Gregory Jantz wrote that it is difficult for us to be positive when we are surrounded by negative people.
That means people who practice negativity will attract to them those aspects within you that is negative.

It is recommended, while you are in the fragile state of reconditioning your subconscious mind, you minimize your interactions with those who are less upbeat. Kind of like how people who are quitting smoking find it hard to be around smokers for the first few days but eventually they’re okay to be around other smokers again.

Look At Challenges As Opportunities

An article by author Paul Sloane published by recommends looking at potential challenges or setbacks as opportunities to go in another direction.

Everything in your life is present to support you. There isn’t anything you will experience that cannot be used for your betterment. If a situation does not support your goal, flow through it the best you can, take from it those aspects that can be used towards your goal and then forget it ever happened.

Straight up!

Spend Time In “Input Mode”

A 2016 article by Inc. points out that we are either in “input” mode or “output” mode. I find this concept holds a great deal of truth.

Output mode is when you are doing things for others. Input mode is when you are doing things for yourself like reading books and creating things you enjoy.

You can develop negative thoughts when you spend too much time in output mode, judging the actions or inactions of those around you, and you can become more positive by spending more time in input mode.

Coming from your favorite extroverted introvert! 😉