🔮 Retainer hours may be used towards any Akashic Record Reading

**Akashic Records Readings Include (but are not limited to)

Readings requiring 6hrs:
    🗝The Divine Soul Blueprint Session **Mandatory for all first time clients**
     🗝Reading the Future for a desired outcome
     🗝Vital Force Energy Reading

Readings requiring 3hrs:
    🗝Relationship Reading not limited to intimate partnerships
     🗝Divine Blueprint Readings for Loved Ones limit 2 people
     🗝Situation Reading
     🗝 Manifesting Blueprint
     🗝Spirit Guide Coaching and Channeling
     🗝Extended Blueprint Code Corruptions
     🗝Archetype Recalibration and Programing

Readings requiring 2hrs:
    🗝Transitioned Loved One Blessing
     🗝Life Lesson Reading
     🗝Congruence Matrix
     🗝Property Clearing
     🗝Chakra Analysis

Readings requiring 1hr:
     🗝Soul Specialization Reading