Rose Water


Some benefits of Rose Water:

▪Moisturizes & Soothes irritated skin

▪Lightens marks and blemishes

▪Evens skin tone

▪Clears impurities

▪Protects skin against bacterial infections

▪Cures acne

▪Cures eczema

▪Good as a make-up remover

I have been creating my own rose water for about a year and a half now and my skin knows when I am out.

Here are my personal directions if you desire to cultivate your own:

Gather as many roses as you desire (preferably from your personal garden but your local floral spot will do).

Pull off the petals or the petal bushels and place them in a pot of water (I fill the pot with enough water that the roses can boil but not too much to where the water will spill over).

Place your petals in the pot of water and bring the water to a boil.

Once your water is boiling remove the pot from the stove and sit on the side so that the roses can steep.

You want to steep the roses until the petals no longer hold the initial color.

Remove the colorless petals from the water and place your rose water into a glass jar or jug.

I like to dilute my rose water with spring water because when the water is potent it can spoil if not used in time.

I also keep my rose water in the refrigerator to prevent it from spoiling.

The rose water I intend to use is transferred from the glass jar into a spray bottle or applicator bottle.

And there ya go!!

Rose Water!!

Yes, you can drink rose water but I would not recommend it if you are unaware if there were pesticides used in growing the flowers. Also rose water tends to stain so be mindful where you spray it.

It is also great for libations and offerings