Apricots can heal your HEART!

Apricots are GREAT for Rejuvenation.

 A fruit that is high in amino acids and minerals like selenium and magnesium.

With more than 40 trace minerals apricots assists the body in getting rid of unhelpful elements in the digestive tract.

It boosts red blood cells, strengthens the heart, and nourishes the brain when you are pooped after a high energy training day.

     Apricots keeps us heart conscious and opens us up, which allows us to be more welcoming to others. They are great at calming us down and puts us in touch with our intuition by regulating our defensive nature.

     Apricots are commonly looked over and are not often chosen as a “favorite” fruit.

     A lot of us would prefer the juicy watermelon or the luscious mango, even the tangy pineapple over the apricot.

     With that being said, where in our individual lives have we looked over those who may not be as “luscious” or “juicy” compared to the other people in our lives?

     So as you partake in the apricot for its many health benefits keep in mind those you may have looked over, as you have also looked over the apricot.

     Open your eyes and heart to all of the people around you as we are all engaging to be received and loved.

If you are experiencing difficulties with any of these conditions, incorporate apricots into your diet:



Gallbladder disease


Celiac disease


Lyme disease







Chronic fatigue syndrome


Mold exposure

Yeast infections

Postural tachycardia syndrome

Raynaud’s Syndrome





Ammonia permeability


If you are experiencing difficulties with any of these symptoms, incorporate apricots into your diet:

Temperature sensitivities



Body aches

Chronic nausea

Unquenchable thirst

Gum pain

Shortness of breath

Food allergies

Candida overgrowth

Sweating disorders

Itchy skin

Brain fog


Body pain

Colon spasms





Loss of energy

Weight gain

Back and Ass!


Here is your guide in order to increase the flow of energy to your back and your butt ladies.

It is important for me to mention that you DO NOT have to pick up any heavy weights and it is recommended that if you are desiring to TONE or to minimize chunky spaces, then you would use very light weight (like 2lbs – 4lbs max.) and more repetitions of the exercise in order to zone in and burn fat….ok.

You would do 3 sets of 25

Set 1 = 25 reps

Set 2 = 25 reps

Set 3 = 25 reps

For those who are a little more experienced, and desire to start lifting a little more, then pick up enough weight that you are able to do 3 sets of 15, 12, 8

Set 1 = 15 reps

Set 2 = 12 reps

Set 3 = 8 reps

Be sure to drink 1/3 of your body weight in water every day and if you are sweating during your training sessions, increase your water intake by 12ozs for every 30 minutes you train.

And remember…. HAVE FUN!!