FREE Spirit Guide Coaching

Free Spirit Guide Coaching and Creating a Life of Desire training. During this Session we will go into what a Spirit Guide is, what benefits they receive from being your Spirit Guide and their purpose, how they assist you, actions to target your personal growth, reasons to design the life you want, and how to redefine failure in creating your experiences. 

Testimonial from our community

There is a common mix up between Spirit
Guides, Guardian Angels, Ancestors, and Archangels. All of these energies are different in how they interact with us and the things they assist us with on our individual journeys. 

Our Ancestors are our deceased relatives by whom we share gifts and very specific cultural beliefs and customs. It is something for me to mention that we also have energetic ancestors by which gifts are also bestowed. 

Guardian Angels are those energies that watch over us and provides protection. 

Testimonial from our community

Archangels are Angels of prestige rankings whom we call on for encouragement or a specific request. 

Spirit Guides are very specific to each one of us. No two people have the same Spirit Guides as everyone is unique and have specific preferences and goals.