A Goddess Life Mentoring Pathway

A Goddess Life is an energetic sisterhood, a sisterhood that extends beyond this physical realm. Those who walk this anointed path has been traversing these dimensions for an eternity and are now coming together in remembering.

The path of The Goddess is sacred, as everyone she meets is a blessing as she is blessed.

She exhales eternal life and inhales sure death, just the same within each sway of her hips; her lungs are filled with Ether.

She knows her power,

she wields all that she is with grace and precision,


In this 13 month mentorship you will learn and receive from Goddess OPAL

  • Who you are at Soul Level, to include your Soul’s Divine Blueprint (which is the way your soul is created to express and receive in life.
  • The Soul profile of your spouse and children, to ensure the home life is harmonious
  • How to communicate with and channel your Divine Counsel
  • Energy clearing sessions (a max of 2 within 13 months)
  • Chakra alignments, as needed
  • Archetype programming or deprogramming
  • Body cellular realignment through body consciousness and self-awareness
  • Energetic Attunements

and much more!

A Goddess Life is a Lifestyle

Every month you will be required to attend scheduled conference calls with The Goddess

You are required to maintain a higher vibration to keep the energetic pathways open for Higher Counsel guidance by way of yoni eggs, yoni steams, sacred baths, and rituals recommended by The Goddess

You will receive The Goddess Way of Divining through The Tarot, Oracles, Crystals, Planetary Elders, Candle Works, Herbs, Plants and Flowers, and Totem Animals.

Every year you will link up with The Goddess via scheduled retreats, sisterhood circles, or gathering to ensure the circuits of The Sisterhood is nourished and maintained.

This is beginning… Again


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