From inception to conception underneath the Sirius Gateway, July 13 2019, a connection was formed.

9 days of receiving a “name” to refer to you as we love on and share light with those willing to receive us.

Great Awakening “BlackBird” as Divine light flow freely to share love as Love, Purpose, and Wisdom.

The Second Sight Reading is a service provided to those who want consultation when they are faced with making a difficult decision and when they want an “inside” look into a relationship dynamic or personal direction.

Second Sight Readings are created with the Divine Spirit ” Black Bird” to either:

✨ Obtain the key to opening the door of a situation

✨ To look for deep sources of a spiritual problem or to get to the root of a practical situation

✨ To estimate the influences of an affair of love or union

✨ To trace deep influences on one’s individual will and the ability to open up to universal love and grace

✨ To judge the effect ancestors have upon a situation

✨ To define in detail the influences on an important life situation


✨ To provide clarity into a difficult time or situation

** 3 question max per 1 hour session or 1 question for 30 minutes **