Coaching Pathways 1

Every new client is required to start here…

Spiritual Development is making known what is unknown; making the conscious Being aware of how unlimited it is. 

This shift starts by facilitating a passageway for you to see yourself in what you are experiencing, which directly impacts what you are creating. 

When this happens there is an energetic shift so profound, that you choose to shape your life with your desires and you show-up as you intend every single day. 

You manipulate that which already exists within you. Thatā€™s how you have created, and are experiencing, what you are today. 

The programs I am facilitating allows you to experience what your Soul is intending over your life. 

I walk with you through your Soul’s Origination,

which reveals to you your True Self, your Divine North Star, which is the key to how you create and experience abundance in your life.

You will learn about your uniqueness and your Soulā€™s Specialization which allows you to choose the ways you would like to be of service, or which paths to explore for financial security, or an increase of resources. 

Because your Soul has traversed this realm of existence many times, you have picked up and carried with you some blocks and restrictions that hinder your ability to see and experience the vastness of your Being. 

Operating incongruently to who you are at Soul Level causes you to have to work harder and push more to accomplish your Soul inspired desires. Causing you to exert more energy to receive all that is yours to attain. 

During your initial session I will tell you what your Soul is ready to be free of, clear all energetic blocks and restrictions, and walk you through your intended path so that you are able to feel and express in a way that is ONLY congruent to YOU. 

As the Artist of your life, the Narrator of your story, you wield the energy you are and give life to your Soulā€™s desires and passions.


My session with Kimtrece was so in-depth and mind opening. She was able to resonate with a lot of the thoughts and self doubts that I have been feeling but couldnā€™t put a reason or a explanation to it.

She helped me become aware of self and helped highlight positives and the shortcomings that tend to get in my way. She gave me tangible strategies to reset my mindset and action steps to create the life that I want to live from within. If you want to learn about who you are from your core and why you make certain decisions book a session with Kim.”

Kalish Nesbitt

Knowing who you are at Soul level, how you are Divinely created, allows you to create more of the experiences you desire through congruent and aligned action.

Actively engaging with the tools I will provide you in clearing your blocks and restrictions, that are revealed through the Akashic Records, provides a clear path to your goals.

It is from the “Artist’s Eye”, life being the canvas, you are able to create and create again. That’s the beauty of living.

To cultivate your deepest desires, see it as exceptional, and bask in it all without apology!

Your path is yours to traverse. And the only reason you have aligned to the services I provide is because you are ready to remove The Cloak of Forgetting. 

Pathway 1

If you choose me as your Guide for 30 days,

Pathway 1 includes The Divine Soul Blueprint Session:

  • Soul Group Reading
  • Divine Gifts Reading
  • Soul Profile Reading
  • Past Life Reading (if applicable)
  • Blocks and Restrictions Reading
  • 21 Day Homework
  • Clearing Session
  • Divine Soul Blueprint WorkBook 

* Noteā€¦ this may be lengthy depending on how much healing the soul is ready for.

This includes a max 2.5 hour video conference to traverse these realms and timelines

A 30 minute, audio only, teleconference to discuss the shifts you are experiencing after your clearing session (14 days after the initial session) 

And a follow up, 45 minute teleconference, for questions and reframes at the end of the 30 days. (These sessions will be recorded and available in your DropBox folder) 

Deposit is required

Reg PriceĀ $1269.60

Radiant Reiki Clients price ONLY $419.00 (That’s 85% OFF!!)

Deposit Required

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