Relationship Pathways

Spiritual Development is making known what is unknown; making the conscious Being aware of how unlimited it is. 

But here, in this plain of existence, we are communal creatures. We thrive amidst those we have likeness and we learn when we congregate with those who offer contrast to our experience.

Some of us have been traveling together for many lifetimes, which allows us to establish “a type” of archetypal relationship in this life. When you have an understanding as to how you and another person are Divinely created to exist and experience in life, you are better able to support, nourish, and build upon that connection and collaborate most harmoniously.

My Relationship Pathways Service is created in order to:

  • Give insight into the formation of your relationship dynamic
  • Perspective on how a relationship dynamic contributes to the experience of all of those involved
  • Investigate what energetic blocks and restrictions may be negatively affecting your relationship dynamic

Relationship Pathways is a 42 day “walk”.

If you choose me as your Guide this session includes:

  • Soul Profile Reading (for both Souls involved)
  • Divine Gifts Reading (for both Souls involved)
  • Soul Group Reading (for both Souls involved)
  • Past Life History (if applicable)
  • Shared Karma (if applicable)
  • Blocks and Restrictions Reading
  • Life Lessons the Souls are coming together in order to experience
  • 21 Day Homework
  • Clearing Session
  • Divine Relationship Blueprint Workbook

This includes TWO 2.5 hour (max) video conference to traverse these realms and timelines (weeks 1&3)

A 60 minute, audio only, teleconference to discuss the shifts you are experiencing after your clearing session (week 4) 

And a follow up, 45 minute teleconference, for questions and reframes at the end of week 6. (These sessions will be recorded and available in your DropBox folder)

This service is not limited to romantic relationships and partnerships. It is extremely supportive to the parent/ child dynamic, siblings dynamic, business partnerships, and close friends as well.

From a spiritual perspective, a relationship is successful when it teaches us more about who we truly are. In providing this service to all parties involved, you’ll be able to understand exactly how your relationship dynamic is being supported energetically and how the two of you can come together in support of one another.

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