Soothsayer Retainer Service

Those I attract as ongoing clients have some very similar characteristics.
They all understand where they are going requires a deep cultivation that will open their mind to new levels; permanent shifts in perspective. 

They ARE READY to take the necessary steps to ensure a life that is no longer “hard” but a life that is full of joy and abundance in tangible forms.

They have the ability to create a world that serves their expectations as opposed to fitting into a shell of a world.

They are ready to experience life with fresh eyes by embodying the essence of pure potentiality.

Those I attract as ongoing clients know their desires are not fantasies but are breadcrumbs left by their Highest Potential, reminders of all that is there for them to explore. 

Is this you?

If there is a resounding YES that is seeping through you then I am YOUR Transcendence Coach.

Retainer Service

Through our Retainer Service

you will continue your voyage with the assistance of a Soothsayer and Transcendence Coach. In choosing to have someone who is able to maintain space between both realms to assist you in creating and understanding the life you are experiencing, is a unique call.

Our retainer service is an amount of money paid upfront to secure the services of your Soothsayer and Transcendence Coach. 

You choose the length of the Session(s) as well as which date(s) best support you.

In choosing the retainer service you are agreeing to an initial down payment plus an ongoing monthly fee for a minimum of 10 months.


“It’s like I’m experiencing an alternate Universe when I let my imagination run free now. Thank you so much Sister!! Thank you for your Divine work!!…”
~ N. Charles

🔮 Soothsayer Services include (but are not limited to)

  • guidance in connecting with your Spirit Guide team
  • vision/ dream interpretation
  • teaching you how to tap into your intuitive abilities
  • assists you in shifting limiting beliefs that are preventing you from experiencing abundance
  • energetic clearing sessions via energy vortexes to support your “level up”
  • teach you how to deepen your spiritual connection via rituals, meditation, concentration, and contemplation.
  • Voxer, Marco Polo, or Text Message support for quick corrections/ reframes. 

Soothsayer services are crafted to uniquely support each client and varies depending on the clients current vibration rate.  

🔮 Retainer hours may be used towards any Akashic Record Reading 

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“She had keys! Magic keys that unlocked places I didn’t even know were there. Like a secret cupboard or a hidden fairy door filled with Turkish delights. Gold bars, gems.”
~ A. Bonilla

As your Spiritual Advisor and Soothsayer I will assist you in deepening your connection to the Highest aspect of you and shine a light on the path that leads to your greatest potential.

In providing you guidance, as you embark on your path of pure potential and abundance, I will assist you in embracing your life’s greatest joys by calibrating your inner guidance system to your Soul inspired desires. 

Are you ready to gain insight into your current experience?

Are you unsure about which step to take in attaining your goals?

Are you ready to set the foundation for your level up?

Do you want to engage or deepen your own intuitive abilities? 


“This is more than just having your records read. SO much more… You must be open and willing to experience something different. Thank you Kimtrece.”
~ A. Vinchelle

Your Price

Deposit $476.00
per month $79.50 

(minimum of 10 months)

Totaling 8 hours of Service credit Available!

🔮 Benefits from being supported by a Soothsayer 

  • Connection to Spirit(s)
  • Reveal your Life’s Purpose
  • Improve your outlook on life
  • Establish/ Reestablish Core Beliefs
  • Enhance your personal connections
  • Understand the cause of repeated patterns
  • Live your life the way YOU are created to experience
  • Immediate course correction to increase the possibility of a desired result

Your Price

Deposit $476.00
per month $79.50 

(minimum of 10 months)

Totaling 8 hours of Service credit Available!

**references available upon request**