Spring Cleaning Home Clearing Session

Enjoy the peace of mind by knowing your home has been cleared of any and all negative energies that may have been built into the fibers of its foundation over the past year.

Spring cleaning to welcome the new season is one thing but these are not ordinary times.

Now, more than ever, we are intentionally setting our manifestation ability on our desires, setting those affirmations, and saging any and all things that no longer serve our best and highest.

So take it deeper with our Spring Cleaning Home Clearing Session.

Nothing is by chance. Everything that is experienced in life is of an energetic match to the individual experiencing it. And with that said, it is not by chance you live in the house you live in, you are vibrationally aligned to it.

If you have set some big intentions for yourself and/ or moving into a new phase in life then it’s best to clear the energy in your home so that every space you inhabit is of the highest energetic vibration, as you continue being the best version of yourself.

Now is the perfect time.

As you begin, or as you continue tidying up and deep cleaning your home, allow me to move that energetic dirt for you.

Negative thought forms, those pesky negative thoughts you have to yourself, that self-doubt, those insecurities, and moments of sadness have a way of building energetic clouds which makes it easier and faster for you to tap into negative thinking. There is a reason why your mind is filled with so much chatter. You don’t need any lingering negative thought forms affecting your spring zen nor your level up, nor anything else of a low vibration.

Clear your home and the land you reside on, book your session.