Soul-Fit by Jahdirē

Soul-Fit by Jahdirē…

Is a community for ladies who are beginning, beginning again, intermediates, or experts. Those who desire to intergrate their three vital aspects, mind, body, and soul.

For those ladies desiring to begin their journey to wholeness, or those who have already began by honing in on the body aspect of the self, and desire to open up to wholeness through fitness training, yoga, yoni eggs, yoni steams, personal Moontime (menstruation) balance and flow, as well as meditation tools and techniques, to include a community of support and love, then you are in the right space.

Some questions to consider as you continue reading (understanding nothing is by chance and you were guided here for a reason):

Do you forgive easily?

Are you currently engaged in an ongoing fitness, wellness, and or routine to connect you to your body?

Do you love your menstrual flow?

Have you obtained all of the things you desire?

If the answer to any one of these questions is “No” then you are in the right space.

More questions to consider:

Do you feel as if “something” is missing or there is “more” but you are unable to decipher what it is?

Are you often stressed?

Are others to blame for the things that go wrong in your life?

Do you think people are stupid?

Do you think women are impossible to get along with?

Are other people constantly draining my energy?

If the answer to any of these questions are “yes” then, again, you are in the right space.

When your mental body comes into agreement with the desires of your soul, the physical body responds and engages with the world around you to create the world you desire.

Stress and tension arise in the physical body when the mental body fails to surrender to the desires of the soul.

The mental body may create stories around why this thing or that thing “cannot” happen, because it has either not experienced that which the soul desires, believes it isn’t capable or deserving of the goal, or there is an internal moral conflict; the body then suffers.

Because physical ailments get our attention, we respond to the aches and pains or the shape changes in the body, when we can feel and or see something is wrong or different.

A reactive response.

But if we engage with the stress energy that is moving within the body, and exert it through physical activity, then the body doesn’t process the stress into an ailment or into a pocket (where benign tumors form), it begins to burn that energy and activates the body to relieve the stress.

This doesn’t mean the mental body and the soul doesn’t have to get on one accord. It just means we’ve created an opportunity to address the worries of the mind, because we feel good in the body, and in engaging those things we can align the mind, body, and soul in order to create the reality we want or that which we desire to see and engage in.

This is where transformations begin…