Learning to Love Yourself

Is this your totem animal? 

… we all have a desire to be loved.

Often, it’s a romantic love that we crave. We are caught up in our loneliness and it’s normal to have a desire for companionship. Though, romance isn’t everyone’s struggle or desire – it may be a familial want or a platonic friendship. While, for some it may be a combination of all of these. 

Rejection and hurt can leave us feeling unfulfilled and disillusioned with how we expect relationships to play out. When they don’t go as we want them to we often blame ourselves and wonder where we went wrong… that’s not what it’s about…. and neither is it about blaming the other person.

This is where learning to love yourself comes in – and that comes with some incredible benefits… here are six!

1. You’ll Be Large & In Charge 

Instead of making bad choices because you’re being led by shame, guilt or fear – you will be empowered to make choices that truly make sense for who you are – meaning you will be living your authentic life; choosing by what YOU desire.

You will no longer be caught up with people pleasing, instead you will live a life that brings you satisfaction.

Self-love means honoring yourself because you know your needs are just as important as others.

2. You Set Boundaries and Stick to Them

Once you have the hang of honoring your needs you start to feel more confident, which means you are more assertive. Sure.

This results in a more purposeful attitude, especially when it comes to dating. You start knowing your value and you’re able to move forward without those who do not appreciate your uniqueness.

More to the point, you are strong enough to set clear boundaries with people and stick to them. 

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3. The Approval Seeking Will Stop 

When you truly love yourself, you stop worrying about what everyone else thinks about you – which means you’re a less defensive person and more confident about living a life that is authentic for you.

Why would you need acceptance from everyone else when you truly accept yourself? 

4. You Will Be A Conscious Decision Maker 

Loving yourself gives you the courage to cut things from your life that don’t truly bring you joy or provide you with ample space to grow.

It’s easy to make courageous decisions when you value yourself and actively make choices that are intended to honor you, rather than risk harming you. 

5. You Will Enjoy Alone Time

A lot of people get caught up in keeping busy schedules simply because they’re terrified of feeling or being alone. If this is you, you may surround yourself with people, throw yourself into work, and make decisions that help you avoid that loneliness.

Why would you do all of the things that you don’t love?

Try this… Sacred Soaks and Yoni Steams

You could be filling that time with things that you actually enjoy doing – whether it’s meditation, swimming, writing, watching a movie, or reading an email from Jahdiree.

It doesn’t need to feel scary to spend time alone, you should enjoy time with yourself.

6. Happiness 

It’s unnecessary to look for happiness in things or others. When you start taking responsibility for it and stop giving your power away to everyone else, you will naturally feel happier.

And if you are not in a romantic relationship right now, when the right person shows up, you will be ready for that love. 

Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations,