Transcendence Calls

Transcendence Calls are to assist you in reestablishing a foundational build in order to solve a problem in your current experience or to quickly gain insight into the current experience. 

Transcendence calls will allow you to move from the thought that assisted in the creation of the unwanted experience to the conscious awareness that will allow you to receive the step-by-step you need to create the experience you prefer. 

Transcendence calls create the space for you to shift on an energetic level so that you can experience more of what you want when you take congruent action. 

Transcendence calls provide you with inner guidance from those who support you on the ethereal plain so that you are better positioned to engage with the world you are experiencing. 

Transcendence Calls are foundational for the course correction you need to attain your goals. 

This service is for you if:

✨ you are desiring clarity into your current situation

✨ you are stuck in experiencing the same results to your actions and you are unable to figure out how to change what you are experiencing 

✨ you are redefining your goals and need assistance with how to be more specific

✨ you trying to make a decision but you are unsure as to which option is best for you, in support of the outcome you prefer

✨ you are fortifying your foundation/ root chakra and you just want to talk to someone who is able to support your growth and shifts in consciousness

30 coins for ONLY $39.68